CRAMPFIX QuickFix Shots-20ml


CrampFix offers athletes fast, reliable and effective cramp management.
Perfect for triathletes, marathon runners, ultra trail runners, ironman, kayakers cyclists, rugby, basketball, soccer, hockey, weight lifters, cross fit, surfers, tennis, basically anybody who cramps from strenuous exercise.
Also works for outdoor workers, gardeners, builders and people suffering night cramps. HOW DOES CRAMPFIX WORK? CrampFix is an all natural formulated supplementary sports food.
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It works by blocking the nerves which are causing the muscles to cramp. It works rapidly when cramp strikes and also helps prevent cramps. It is a concentrated proprietary blend, only small doses are required. Ideal for athletes following strict nutrition plans. 15ml of Crampfix swilled around your mouth activates sensors in your mouth which disrupts the neurological signals to your muscles to ease cramp in as little as 30 seconds and at most 2 minutes. One shot will give 45-60 minutes relief. Sweet & sour, ‘Ice Lemon’ flavour Small 20ml individual sachet Made in Australia to HACCP quality standards Caffeine Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian Free from substances banned by ASADA & WADA All Natural HOW TO USE CRAMPFIX CrampFix is easy to use! Simply drink one sachet 20ml or if preferred, just swirl around the inside of your mouth and discard.

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